NhatAnh Trading Private Enterprise
Managing Director: Ms. Ngo Tu Anh
Date of Establishment: 14.September,1996 (Tax Code: 0301424644)
Capitalisation: 1,800,000,000VND
Number of Employment: 50
Head Quator:12 Hoa Sua St, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Ha Noi Branch: B12, 369 Truong Chinh Lane, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi Capital
Binh Duong Branch(Factory): TD358, TBD34, KP7, Uyen Hung, Tan Uyen, Binh Duong Province


– 17/09/1996, with a commission from a domestic confectionary company, expertize in producing Vietnamese specialties, total capital was 70 million VNĐ (about $5000 at that time, Nhật Anh Trading Private Enterprise was established.
– 17/05/1997, the firm bought 1000 m2 of land at Tân Uyên town, Bình Dương province to build the factories.
– 28/10/1997, the commission contract with the domestic company was canceled in order to increase the amount of capital to 230 million VNĐ. The total amount of charter capital was 300 million VNĐ.
– 25/03/1998, The branch at Ha Noi was officially opened in order to expand the business to the Northern (VietNam) province
– 19/09/2001, “Nhat Anh Trading Tan Uyen”, the company branch at Tân Uyên town, Bình Dương was launched, to expand production.
– 15/03/2002, the new factory on the base of 1000 m2 was launched, operating under commission of “Nhat Anh Trading Tan Uyen”.
– 06/06/2005, The Company kept expanding production, increase the total amount of capital to 1.8 billion VNĐ.
– 01/12/2006, The Company signed cooperate contract with Alex Phan, a garden equipment company (Miki, Hyogo, Japan) in Vietnam.
– 15/03/2007, expanding the business to North America, specifically at Hawaii and California, after opening a deal with Aloha (Hawaii, USA).
– After 2009, ever since the business started, through many domestic and abroad business processes, the company’s products have earn their place in the market and become a trustworthy business for both native and foreign customers. So, the company have diversified the range of products to Dry jerk, Dry fruits, Confectionary,… so that the customers will have more choices.


1: To focus on making our company trusted by customers and the community through honest business activities.
2: We aim to please employees, customers and everyone in the social communities in Vietnam and the rest of the world.
3: We seek a one-of-a-kind company that creates everyone’s happiness and enjoyment.
4: To challenge the creation of new value and contribute to a morally prosperous society.
5: To enrich the mind, as we will do to the company and the society for versatile life.
6: To fulfill the company mission statement, we will carry strong awareness and energetic conduct to improve the quality and enhanced human morality, implement the company mission.