Nhật Anh would like to introduce you the necessary information about food market in Vietnam.
First of all, 3 main phrases:
– More than 20 years’ experience as a confectionary producer.
– Vietnam food market and the industry’s rule expert.
– Lots of good relationship within the industry.

Nhật Anh is one of the confectionary producers in Vietnam, established in 1996 and have been working in the field for more than 20 years.
Ever since, through building and developing phases, after learning and achieving results and concluding experiences, we now have a lot of relationships in the industry. Altogether, they have become indispensable factors when entering the food industry in Vietnam.
Nowadays, here at Vietnam, Japanese companies’ investments, capitals on Vietnam’ domestic ones have been increasing. However, with those companies which standing on their own foot, without any investment from abroad like Nhật Anh, how to use the capital effectively is the matter that we concern the most.
Without any investment, but with researches about the country and the Vietnamese people, and with the experience we have through sweat and tears, we are trying to make a company through every single month and year. In Japan, the company that can be maintained for 20 years only take account for 0.4%, means from 1000 companies, after 20 years, only 4 were left.
This is obviously reasonable for a developed countries, which regularly update the rules like Japan. With the history of 20 years in Vietnam, we are proud with everything had gone through and what we achieve today.
The decrease of competitors affects a lot to prices and revenue decreasing is obvious. Knowing that, we decided to expand to developing countries and innovating ones at Asia. They are prestigious market.
Nhật Anh is proud to be the trusted location for customers.
We have the promoting channel at supermarkets at potential export market, plus, Nhật Anh’ products are produced domestically so that the original and quality of the products are guaranteed. With a new market like Vietnam, from 0 to now, we have exchange a lot of Time, Money in order to bring to the customer the best products and Values. Although we could not full fil every single needs of the customer but we will do our best in give it to you.
So, What do you think? With Vietnam’ food industry, Let us help you.